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The Magic of Pilates

No matter the walk of life you come from, every profession has its strength and conditioning requirements in order to maintain physical and mental fitness. Cubicle workers sit slouched over a desk all day, surgeons spend a lifetime bent over the operating table, and rock stars in their tight pants support the weight of heavy instruments for hours at a time. The increasingly sedentary lifestyle that the technology of the 21st Century has brought has only quickened the deterioration of modern people. Under the grueling conditions of everyday life if your body does not receive its proper attention it is not a matter of if, but when, that people will experience everything from stiffness and lack of mobility, to extensive muscle atrophy and excruciating pain. In addition, these types of suffering come not only from work related causes but can manifest themselves in the form of Arthritis and other joint and muscular conditions. Joseph Pilates second wife, Clara, was one such sufferer. Joseph met her as an ailing kindergarten teacher with a horribly arthritic ankle and his methods brought her back to full health. The story of each of his most famous patients which included legendary dancers, actors, and athletes alike, follows nearly the same narrative. Many of them came to his famous New York studio only as a last resort to stave off major surgeries and career ending procedures, and found themselves fully restored to health and even better than before as a result of his work.  

Originally a boxer and martial artist, Joseph Pilates was not merely a street corner yogi but an authority physical fitness with a commanding personality. As a child he suffered from a variety of maladies including Asthma, Ricketts, and Rheumatic Fever. To make matters worse there is significant photographic and anecdotal evidence to support that he was brutally physically bullied and beaten by other children his own age. Those experiences led him to dedicate himself to physical fitness, taking up boxing and jiu jitsu upon the direction of his gymnast father. There is absolutely no question that his tenacious will to overcome fueled the philosophy of his methods and is the rock and roll mentality that makes Pilates not only so healing but rewarding for both body and mind. Nothing worth having ever comes easy and that includes physical wellness and spiritual satisfaction. Doing Pilates is not merely an inner peace seeking meditative routine. It is a call to action, a challenge to get out of life your greatest dreams that you so richly deserve. It is a rock and roll way of life that should have the style to prove it. Our clothing, accessories, and Pilates equipment is your tool to up your game, overcome your obstacles, and achieve your goals. 

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